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Suppress (Appetite Suppressant Pills)



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SUPPRESS - because nobody likes it when you're hangry.


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Each ingredient in SUPPRESS is backed by scientific research and human data. At De Novo, we make sure that there are no hidden ingredients or proprietary blends. Experience research-led doses of ingredients that have been proven to naturally suppress appetite.* SUPPRESS is safe, natural and effective - don't let hunger get in the way of your goals.





Per 2 capsules:

Glucomannan (1000 mg)

An effective osmolyte fiber which makes you feel fuller and enhances satiety. Also has positive impacts on blood sugar regulation.

5-HTP (250 mg)

Increases the sensation of fullness, boosts satiety, and enhances mood. A precursor to serotonin, which plays a key role in reducing cravings.

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Extract (34 mg)

Enhances satiety, and has beneficial effects on metabolism and blood vessel health.


Learn more about the science behind Suppress:


To assess tolerance, begin with one pill 15-30 minutes prior to major meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with 12-16oz water. If greater appetite suppression is desired, two pills may be used. DO NOT EXCEED SIX CAPSULES PER DAY.*


WARNING. Consult a physician prior to the use of any dietary supplements. Read and follow all label instructions. Use only as directed. Not for use by those who are:

  • Under the age of 18
  • Pregnant, nursing, or may become pregnant
  • Being treated for, or could develop medical or psychiatric conditions
  • Taking medications or are under a physician’s care for a medical condition
  • Using ANY prescription or recreational drugs

Special precautions:

  • If you're taking prescription antidepressants (including SSRIs, MAO inhibitors, or tricyclics), the pain drug tramadol, or migraine drugs in the triptan family (such as sumatriptan): Do not take SUPPRESS in addition, except on a physician's advice.
  • If you're taking the Parkinson's disease medication carbidopa: Taking SUPPRESS at the same time might cause skin changes similar to those that develop in the disease scleroderma.

Immediately discontinue use and contact a medical doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Store in cool, dry place. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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