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Are De Novo products WADA-compliant?
Yes, they are. De Novo products are not yet registered with Informed Sport, however we do not include any ingredients that are prohibited by WADA in our formulas. Our manufacturer is an FDA registered facility and certified cGMP by NSF - essentially, this means that if we don't want an ingredient in our products, it won't end up in them. In addition, our manufacturer doesn't tend to deal with WADA-prohibited ingredients. We have multiple athletes who are drug-tested both in and out of competition, and nobody has ever failed a drug test due to De Novo products.

What is this orange card in my product?
This is a desiccant, there to absorb moisture and stop products clumping or hardening. Please do not take this out. 

Can I take Ignite and Utopia together?
We wouldn't advise taking the products together, due to the caffeine content and the fact that the amino acids in Ignite may inhibit the absorption of the Mucuna Pruriens extract in Utopia. If you do want to take both, we would advise taking them separately. 

Can I stack Utopia with any other nootropics?
We'd advise that you take Utopia separately from any other stimluant- or nootropic-containing products.

Are your products certified organic?
Our products are not certified organic.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, international shipping calculates automatically at checkout once you enter your shipping destination. 

How can I track my order?
You will receive an email with tracking information once your product has been shipped. 

Where is my order - it says 'with customs'
If your order is with customs, we will unfortunately be unable to give you any updates regarding clearance times. This is at the discretion of the customs agency, and is something we have no influence on. If you require an update, we recommend contacting the relevant government agency. 

I put in the wrong address- what now?
If you put in the incorrect address, once your order has been submitted for fulfilment, we are unable to change this. In this case we can either: refund you the cost of your order, minus the shipping and fulfilment fees that we have had to pay, or invoice you for the shipping and fulfilment costs and have the order sent back out to you.

Where do you ship from?
All of our orders are shipped from Florida, USA.

Do you offer local pickup?
Due to irregular hours, we no longer offer local pickup.

Do you offer free shipping?
When we do offer free shipping on select items, it is for the U.S. only.

How long does shipping take?
Our U.S. free shipping usually takes between 3-5 days. This is an estimate, not a guarantee. Please note that during times of bad weather, this may be significantly longer. Shipping to outlying islands and overseas usually takes longer; your tracking link will give you an estimated delivery date.

Are De Novo Nutrition products and apparel available in other countries?
We are currently working on manufacturing and/or distributing De Novo products from other countries outside of the U.S. - when we do we will officially let the public know when and where. In the meantime, we do ship internationally. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale for this purpose, please send us an email through the contact form.