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Meet the Team


Our very own Walter White, Ben founded De Novo back in 2011. His primary role with the team is to come up with the very best formulations that man can offer. (See above for more details!)

When he's not tinkering with formulations, Ben can can be found found creating art, music, compounds, and walking in nature.


Luke became co-owner in De Novo in October 2017, recognising the company's science backed, evidence based products. He is the founder of Shredded by Science and the commitment to excellence at De Novo made him want to jump on board. Luke's role in De Novo is to focus on growth with a key focus on marketing and getting our supplements into the hands of the consumer. 

Much more approachable than his pull-no-punches, cockney way of speaking would lead you to think, in his downtime Luke enjoys gaming. He is a better than average player on Call of Duty, who is known to say 'sit down' every time he gets a kill.



At 4’9, Laura is the smallest member of team De Novo. What she lacks in height she makes up for in organisation. Because of this, her role in De Novo is to keep the team on track, project managing and making sure we deliver the best possible customer service.

Outside of work, she can often be found deadlifting and drinking really good coffee.



Our only red head in the team, Tom has worked with Luke for a number of years, starting out as his apprentice at college and is now a full time videographer and content creator for both SBS and De Novo

Once work is done, Tom creates his own content for his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. As well as filming, Tom lifts heavy objects and puts them down and occasionally steps on stage with fabulous tan and speedos!


Mandy is our chief graphic designer, in charge of the look and feel of all of De Novo's branding and product labels. She also mentors our other graphic designer, Lacy, ensuring that the products look as good as they taste and perform.

Outside of De Novo, Mandy runs her own successful PT business and is on a mission to help more women feel strong, empowered and confident. She's known as the pull up queen to her friends, and can be found binging on Netflix in her down time.