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Suppress (Appetite Suppressant Pills)



Fewer Cravings, Less Stress, Better Fat Loss


A note from our Formulator, Ben Esgro

"Suppress is NOT a fat burner - rather, it allows you to regulate your own appetite a little better and feel fuller from less food.

A lot of people think that 5-HTP is only for sleep - but I think (and research agrees) that its role in appetite management is far more impactful.


 Suppress Explained


What makes SUPPRESS special?


Most 'fat burners' are filled with ingredients that have minimal effects on appetite or weight loss. Suppress is a simple, effective formula that actually helps you lose weight through reducing hunger. It improves mood, doesn't contain caffeine, and won't upset your digestion.*

All you need to do is take 1-2 capsules before each meal with a glass of water and you'll be less likely to overeat, feel fuller from what you did eat, and remain comfortably satisfied for hours after finishing.

Each ingredient in Suppress is backed by scientific research and human data showing that they reduce food intake and cause weight loss. SUPPRESS is safe, all-natural and effective - don't let hunger get in the way of your goals.

SUPPRESS, explained (per two caps)


Glucomannan (1000 mg)

A type of dietary fiber which swells in the stomach to make you feel fuller. Also has positive impacts on blood sugar regulation.

5-HTP (250 mg)

Increases the sensation of fullness, reduces carbohydrate consumption, and enhances mood. A precursor to serotonin, which plays a key role in reducing cravings.

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Extract (34 mg)

Enhances sensation of fullness from meals and has beneficial effects on metabolism and blood vessel health.

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