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IGNITE - How Does It Work?

Posted on juillet 04 2018

IGNITE is our best-ever preworkout to enhance your performance in the gym. We formulated IGNITE to combat mental and physical fatigue, with evidence-backed ingredients and doses that can be scaled to your bodyweight.

IGNITE is our second preworkout product - we've taken customer feedback and new research on board to refine our preworkout into something that we think is pretty special. Having looked at exactly what causes your body to tell you that enough is enough in the gym, we honed in on 4 key areas to target with IGNITE:

  • PERFORMANCE-BOOSTING STIMULANTS - No weird or wonderful herbal stimulants in here. Just solid doses of caffeine and yohimbine, with added L-Theanine to make the ride a little smoother. These stimulants have been shown time and time again to reduce your perception of fatigue, allowing you to train as hard as you need to.
  • IMPROVING BLOOD FLOW - Blood flow is pretty important to exercise. It delivers key nutrients and oxygen to your working muscles and carries away the build-up of metabolic waste that occurs when you're training hard. Citrulline, VasoDrive-AP® and Yohimbine all improve blood flow in their own unique ways.
  • BUFFERING ACIDITY - When you're training hard, the metabolic processes in your muscles produce acid as a waste product. Your blood has a really tight control over its own acidity, using 'buffers' to help mop up any spare acid - but when it thinks it's about to lose control, it shuts down your ability to contract your muscles. IGNITE provides more of these buffers, so you won't reach muscular failure so quickly.
  • IMPROVING HYDRATION - Hydration is a key component of exercise performance: a loss of as little as 2% of your bodyweight due to dehydration can spell disaster for your training performance. In IGNITE, we provide key electrolytes as well as fluid (i.e. the water you mix it with) to help you maintain hydration levels.


IGNITE Increases Energy

IGNITE provides 3 ingredients to light up your brain - caffeine, yohimbine and L-Theanine. 

Caffeine is one of the most heavily-researched ingredients out there, with countless studies showing that it improves power output, training volume and wakefulness, and reduces your rate of perceived exertion and fatigue. Tolerance is very individual, but the research is very conclusive: caffeine improves exercise very consistently. [1]

Yohimbe Bark is a potent stimulant, which increases the levels of noradrenaline in the body. Noradrenaline reliably increases alertness and may even have a 'fear-extinction' effect in some people. [2]

L-Theanine is found in green tea and is a great ingredient for IGNITE, which contains high levels of stimulants. Theanine has a relaxing effect, without making you feel drowsy or sleepy - great for 'taking the edge' off a high dose of stimulants. Interestingly, research has shown that adding L-theanine to caffeine may be more potent than caffeine alone when it comes to improving your cognitive performance. [3-4]

Research Dose for Energy/Cognition
IGNITE Dose (per 2 scoops)
Caffeine 100-500+ mg
300 mg 
Yohimbe Bark
5-20 mg 
5 mg
200-400 mg per day
500 mg (to avoid overstimulation from Yohimbine)

IGNITE Increases Blood Flow

IGNITE is unique in that its effects on bloodflow are synergystic - the combination of 3 ingredients, each acting on different mechanisms, provides a heightened effect compared to each ingredient in isolation. 

Citrulline increases Nitric Oxide levels in the body, which help to dilate blood vessels. There is a growing body of research demonstrating that citrulline can also directly improve exercise performance - in one study, subjects were able to perform 10-50% more reps over 8 sets taken to failure, whilst experiencing 40% less soreness than the control group after 24 and 48 hours. [5]

VasoDrive-AP® is an exciting new ingredient, combining a number of peptides derived from casein protein in milk. These peptides are thought to inhibit enzymes that constrict your blood vessels, and have been shown in multiple meta-analyses to have a beneficial effect on blood pressure when supplemented. It's also completely safe for those with lactose intolerance. [6]

Yohimbe Bark decreases the constrictive effects of adrenaline on your blood vessels, and releases the catecholamine noradrenaline in the body - this promotes bloodflow by causing an increase in heart rate. [7] This, plus the exercise you're doing, helps to keep your blood pressure elevated - a natural reaction to ensure that your muscles are getting the nutrients and oxygen they need. The higher blood pressure and heart rate, combined with the unique effects on vasodilation from the ingredients in IGNITE, produces blood flow and muscle pumps that you really have to experience for yourself.



Research Dose for Blood Flow
IGNITE Dose (per 2 scoops)
Citrulline 6 to 8 g
6 g 
Yohimbe Bark
5-20 mg 
5 mg
VasoDrive-AP® 2-17 mg of active casein peptides
500 mg (delivering 3.4 mg of active casein peptides)

IGNITE Buffers Acidity

Your blood mops up acidity via the bicarbonate buffer - bicarbonate molecules float around in your bloodstream and neutralize any excess acid. Supplementing with bicarbonate can increase the levels of bicarbonate in your blood and improve performance, but there's one serious downside to bicarbonate supplementation - gastrointestinal discomfort. If any of you built your own volcanoes when you were younger, you'll know what I'm talking about - bicarbonate supplements hitting your stomach can often have similar effects to dropping it into a 'volcano' full of vinegar.

IGNITE's citrate salts allow for performance enhancement, whilst reducing the potential for GI upset. [8-10]

Note - the doses used in research are HUGE, cause GI upset, and often contain levels of sodium that far exceed the RDA. The doses in IGNITE allow you to take a full serving without any risk of GI upset, and without consuming 2-3 times your daily allowance of sodium in one drink.

Research Dose for Exercise Improvement
IGNITE Dose (per 2 scoops)
Citrate Salts 0.3-0.5 g/kg bodyweight Sodium Citrate (21-35 g for a 70 kg person, providing 16-28 g citrate)
4000 mg citrate (as Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate and Tripotassium Citrate Monohydrate)

IGNITE Improves Hydration

Hydration is crucial to physical performance, with even very minor dehydration being able to make you weaker and slower. IGNITE's unique bodyweight-equated dosing and liquid recommendations provide just the right amount of fluid, sodium and potassium to ensure your gym performance doesn't suffer due to dehydration.

Research Dose for Hydration
Sodium and Potassium 45 mmol/L sodium and 35 mmol/L potassium (in rehydration solutions used in clinical settings)
38.21 mmol/L sodium (as Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate), 32.84 mmol/L Potassium (as Tripotassium Citrate Monohydrate)

IGNITE offers a precise blend of effective ingredients at the right doses to ensure consistent improvements in gym performance. It's preworkout, perfected.


The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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