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De Novo Gaming Ready To Deploy at CWL Las Vegas Open

Posted on décembre 07 2018

By Chloé Rowley

5 De Novo Gaming Team Members will be attending the 2019 CWL Las Vegas.

De Novo Gaming is proud to announce that five of our Call of Duty esports team will be competing in the 2019 CWL Las Vegas open bracket after seeding 28th in the roster with a total of 66,270 pro points from Call of Duty: WWII.

With the transition to a five-versus-five format, De Novo Gaming will be sending Call of Duty players: Harry ‘Copley’ Copley, Alex ‘Xela’ Lawrence, John ‘Enomuz’ Hamilton, Oli ‘Briggs’ Briggs and Sam ‘SamB’ Baker to LAN on December 07.


Left to right - Alex ‘Xela’ Lawrence , John ‘ Enomuz_’ Hamilton, Harry ‘Copley’ Copley, Oliver ‘Briggs’ Briggs, Sam ‘ SamB ‘ Baker

Team Captain Copley stated: “I’m confident going into CWL Vegas because as a team we’re becoming better each day - the only concern I have is when we go down our heads drop a bit. However, we’ve prepared by playing in scrims and challs. Therefore, we’ll excel as a team and play to the best of our ability.”

Enomuz also commented on the teams preparation for LAN with “ I’m really looking forward to Vegas, obviously coming in as a replacement for Bob this close to the event we’ve had to utilize the time appropriately and get as much practice in as possible to assure we are fully prepared and in doing so I feel like we will do really well at the event.”

Xela, an OBJ (objective play) specialist expressed "We've been putting as much time as possible into practice as a team, particularly after some results we definitely weren't happy with. I'm confident in the team we've got and know we've got the potential to cause some upsets. As it's my first LAN, I guess I've got something to prove, but that's an incentive to succeed if anything."

Briggs proclaimed similar views - "Individually, and as a team, we've just been watching as many VODs as we can after we scrim - I think if we play to our potential, we can cause upsets and make it into pool play."

A final word from SMG (support) player SamB: “We have used the time we’ve had efficiently with the roster change happening to improve the team - I am confident going into Vegas even though ideally we would have had more time as a five."

On behalf of the team, Copley commented "We want to thank De Novo, especially Luke and Sheldon for all they have done and sending us to Vegas. Showing us support and an interest in all that we do – To all the people who have been in the streams, supported the team and interacted on Twitter."

The rest of the team at De Novo will be showing their support and wish the best of luck to the team competing this year. We all look forward to what is to come in 2019 CWL Las Vegas.

You can follow coverage and updates of the CWL Open Bracket on the official De Novo Gaming twitter (@denovogg).

You can watch the vlogs of the team's time in Vegas here:

Chloé Rowley is De Novo's Gaming Correspondent. With a background in journalism and a passion for esports, Chloé keeps De Novo Gaming fans up-to-speed with the latest news on our esports team and exciting developments in the world of competitive gaming.



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