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Utopian - Cognitive Enhancer



Our best selling product, for a reason. Evidence-based nootropics, effectively dosed. Your secret weapon.

Ingredients per 2.3 g serving

- 500 mg Cognizin Citicoline
- 200 mg Caffeine
- 150 mg Mucuna Pruriens
- 200 mg Huperzine A

What makes Utopia(n) unique?

Utopia(n) is the quiet confidence to take care of business in life and the gym.

It's not a product formulated to make you feel excessively stimulated, distracted, or anxious. Utopia(n) gives you all the energy of caffeine, with none of the rough edges. We don't call it a pre-workout - it's better described as a 'pre-work'. It's formulated to help you work more effectively, efficiently and calmly than ever before. 

To quote one of our reviewers, Utopia(n) is a...

"magical elixir of energy"