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The New De Novo Branding

Posted on April 12 2019

Entering year 8 of De Novo, like each year before it, has come with a mix of both successes and challenges.  With the same spirit of self-improvement that drives you, De Novo continues to grow from what started as humble beginnings and a one-man operation in small-town Archbald, Pennsylvania to a multinational team. 

In this relentless quest for improvement, we continue to do everything in our ability to be the best supplement company in existence.  For this reason, we tirelessly spent the last year examining how we could improve beyond just the best product development, but also visual presentation.  We rebranded in 2018, but to put it simply, after re-evaluating, we knew we could do better.  In the ever-competitive industry of dietary supplements, we wanted to be bolder, but also more refined and instantly recognizable.  We held off on printing apparel or promotional items and went in search of the best design group we could find to help us get our logo, imagery, and packaging the best we possibly could.  

We wanted to ensure everything we do from this year forward captures the essence of De Novo all the way down to the finest detail.  We wanted someone who we could challenge and would challenge us back.  Our search led us to Craig and Marina of Fit Creative, who took the time to learn De Novo from the core outward.  After the initial meetings and reinforced by those which followed, we knew they were the perfect group for the job.  

It’s been tough to keep under wraps while we’ve been in development, but we are finally ready to proudly reveal the new De Novo branding.  With this will come the introduction of premium apparel and accessories, sample packs of our entire product line, and the same innovation and creative product development that is synonymous with anything that carries the DN logo. 

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