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Sumi Singh - Food Environment, Single Parenthood and Powerlifting

Posted on May 04 2018

In this episode, Lawrence is flying solo but is joined by Texas-based masters powerlifter, single mum (or 'mom') and personal trainer Sumi Singh. We discuss the following: 

  1. In 2013 you published an article on food environment, where you advise people who are prone to mindless eating to:
    1. Make the declaration vocal: Say: “I’m not hungry but I am going to eat this anyway.”
    2. Think 20% less “other stuff,” 20% more veggies.
    3. Start buying the single serving peanut butter packets or those 100-calorie packages of nuts/snacks.
    4. Volumize your food to make it look bigger. 
    5. Take as much time as you can to eat your food
    6. ...and many other things. 

      Would you advise anyone differently, 5 years down the line? How has your opinion changed on this front?

  2. Speaking of changing opinions - what's the biggest fitness-related issue you've changed your mind on?

  3. Tell us about your competitive history as an athlete, and how parenthood impacted things.

  4. How do you think a parent can set a great example to their children via fitness?

  5. You admit yourself that you're awful to handle during peak week for your powerlifting meets - what happens? 

  6. The dry protein powder consumption... tell me more. 

  7. What's it like being coached by Lyle McDonald? 

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