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Greg Nuckols - Lessons I've Learnt Analysing Fitness Research

Posted on February 22 2018


This week, we chat to Greg Nuckols - owner of and part of the team behind MASS - Monthly Applications in Strength Sport. 

I'll warn you now - we get deeply nerdy on this episode. We talk research methods, statistics, and about the philosophies of the scientific method. However, we do finish up with a discussion on beer and burgers - two of Greg's favourite things possibly ever.

Questions in this episode:

  • One thing that you and the MASS team do exceptionally well is acknowledge the shortcomings of scientific research when it comes to fitness. A lot of people display a fairly black and white view when it comes to science - either a study is brilliant, or it's useless and it wasn't worth publishing... why do you think that is, and what would you say to people with that point of view?
  • One of the main aims of science is to test hypotheses - what was the most surprising fitness-related hypothesis that you've seen either supported or scuppered after scientific investigation?
  • Do you have any favourite studies out of all the ones you've reviewed for MASS?
  • What would you advise for someone looking to become more 'evidence-based' with their fitness? 
  • What are the top lessons that 'gym-bros' could learn from 'lab geeks', and vice-versa?
  • We live in an era (rightly so) where context is king. Can you think of any advice that you think could apply to any lifter, no matter what context?
  • What beer and burger combination is best following breathing paused squats?

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