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Eric Helms - How To Make Your Training Your Own

Posted on March 29 2018

In this episode, we talk to 3DMJ coach and natural bodybuilder Dr Eric Helms. Our questions to him include: 

  1. Your recent YouTube series is entitled Anecdotes and Observations - when it comes to making your fitness your own, why are anecdotes and observations so important?
  2. On the topic of anecdotes - there was a fascinating discussion between you and Joe Klemczewski on Facebook recently regarding training frequency. Could you summarise that discussion for us?
  3. Recent data on periodisation have shown that maybe it's time to reconsider some of the reasons for periodising someone's training - what would you say are the main benefits to a periodised approach to training?
  4. One of the main aims of science is to test hypotheses - what was the most surprising fitness-related hypothesis that you've seen either supported or scuppered after scientific investigation?
  5. Do you have any favourite studies out of all the ones you've reviewed for MASS?
  6. What would you advise for someone looking to become more 'evidence-based' with their fitness? 

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