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Bryce Lewis - The Thinking Man's Athlete

Posted on March 01 2018

Welcome back to the De Novo Podcast! In this episode, Lacy and I chat to Bryce Lewis and ask him the following:

  1. You do a bunch of "pondering" about your approach to lifting, and also others' approaches to lifting as a coach. What first sparked your current interest in sports psychology? 
  2. Let's talk a little bit about biases and cognitive dissonance. Can you talk a little bit about what they are, and why they're generally considered (esp. in the case of cognitive dissonance) to be negative? 
  3. Are there any instances for an athlete that biases and CD might have a net positive effect?
  4. What have been the most impactful lessons you've learnt in your research and also practice as a coach? 
  5. I've observed that athletes can fall into one of two camps - the 'shut up and lift' camp, and the 'overanalyzer' camp. How does your coaching approach differ for these two types? 
  6. How important do you think self-talk and the exact semantics/wording you use in your self-talk are?
  7. Are you implementing anything new in your Arnold prep right now?


Bryce and TSA are coming to the UK and Ireland for a seminar tour from March 31st - April 8th. Check out for more information!


About Bryce

Bryce Lewis is a competitive, drug-free elite powerlifter in the 83-105kg weight classes.  He holds records in both the USA Powerlifting federation (USAPL) and International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), and strives to promote the comprehension and love of powerlifting training throughout the world. Through his success as an elite lifter, Bryce’s dream is to pass on his knowledge and skills through The Strength Athlete (TSA) powerlifting coaching services online in addition to his YouTube Channel and Facebook fan page.  By these efforts, Bryce hopes to help raw, drug-free powerlifting gain more prominence and acceptance internationally.

Under 3D Muscle Journey (3DMJ) Coach, Eric Helms, Bryce was introduced to powerlifting, following a collegiate and high school passion for volleyball and a five year period competing in natural bodybuilding.  He immediately fell in love with the newfound sport.  Lifting heavy was always fun, but powerlifting allowed him to express his desires for competition, application of advanced strength training techniques, and achievements through measured progress.  Even now, Bryce remains an integral part of Team 3DMJ and has adapted their principles of dedication, desire, and discipline as his own.  In addition to training services, Eric also mentors Bryce through an ongoing 3DMJ internship.


In addition to his successful career as an athlete, Bryce has always strived for academic and intellectual attainment.  He graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2010 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Philosophy.  Currently, he plans to continue coaching athletes from around the world through TSA, and help more athletes develop the tools for success.  Bryce passionately advocates for the application and love of the sciences, evidence-based philosophies, and skepticism of pseudoscience.  In his spare time, he explores a variety of art forms from pencil and pen drawings to graphic design to culinary arts in the kitchen.

Bryce resides in Fort Collins, Colorado with his chocolate labrador, Sequoia.  After winning USAPL Raw Nationals two years in a row, Bryce heads to IPF World Championships in Calgary, Canada in 2018.


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