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Brad Loomis - So You Think You Have A Bad Back...

Posted on March 22 2018

This episode, Lawrence (on his own, this week) talks to 3DMJ coach and natural bodybuilder/powerlifter Brad Loomis. 

What we discuss:

1. Intro and accomplishments as a bodybuilder and powerlifter
2. So, what's up with your back? 
3. What unique challenges has this brought to your career in training, coaching and competing?
4. In a recent blog post, you talk about 'making progress when it seems like none could be made'. Could you talk about what happened to make you abandon the sumo deadlift altogether, and what approach you decided to take instead? 
5. There seem to be two diametrically opposing paradigms in powerlifting - the ultra-specific powerlifters who only train the competition lifts with maybe a handful of isolation accessories, and the Westside-influenced powerlifters who seem to only train accessory/secondary lifts. Where do you fit in with respect to these two, and how have your experiences with injury influenced where you fit in?
6. What have you learnt from coaching your son through his high school football career?
7. What advice would you give to your younger self? 


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