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Andrea Valdez - Loving What You Do

Posted on March 08 2018

Happy International Women's Day 2018! In this episode, we chat to one of my favourite women/people in the fitness industry - Andrea Valdez from 3DMJ. 

We cover the following topics:

  1. In one of your articles, you talk about how anyone who is at the top of their game in any pursuit is there because they love what they do, and that love means that the work isn't hard any more. What does that love feel like? Is there anything that increases or decreases it?
  2. How does your menstrual cycle impact your pursuits as an athlete?
  3. You've also written about the optimism bias - how most people cannot be better than most other people... to that end, if you pick up any given sport the likelihood is that you're probably not gonna be anywhere near the top unless there are a very small number of participants. How do you cultivate the feeling that your sport owes you nothing?
  4. Continuing along that theme of "loving what you do" - why do you think it is that so many people fall into the trap of becoming a fitness entrepreneur when they clearly don't love being a fitness entrepreneur? 
  5. We're in an era where it's so easy to focus on the external rewards of pursuing something fitness or entrepreneurial - largely thanks to social media - instead of focusing on fitness as a "craft". Could you talk about the two questions you ask yourself every session, and how that feeds into fitness as a craft?

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