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Alberto Nuñez - Bulking In The Year 3000

Posted on March 15 2018

Alberto Nuñez is one of the most recognizable natural bodybuilders, due to the fact that his pictures have been used so often in "Fake Natty" videos... but we're discussing the phases of his life where he's not quite so lean - the off-season. 

In this episode, we talk about: 

  1. How many off-seasons have you done now?
    1. How long are you planning on this one being? 
    2. How do you tend to structure a contest prep/off-season 'macrocycle'?
  2. You mention in your YouTube series that you've cut down on your number of training days per week, from 6 down to 4. What's the reasoning behind that?
  3. How much do you stress about exercise selection during the off season?
  4. Have your off-season priorities shifted as you've become a more seasoned athlete?
  5. You mention in some of your videos about how important patience is during the off-season, and how days and weeks can go by during the off-season where there's no "glamour" - nothing overly exciting happens, you just have to get sh*t done. How can you 'train' that patience? Were there any lightbulb moments?
  6. What's the biggest lesson you've learned from repeated off-seasons?

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