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Our New Pre-Workout: Why Get Rid of EPOCH?

Posted on July 04 2018

Since we released EPOCH a year ago, we have been keen to get your feedback on what you loved and what you didn't. There have been rave reviews (thank you!) but we felt that it was a product that we could improve.

...So we did, by creating IGNITE.


In IGNITE, we wanted to keep a few non-negotiables from the old formula, so IGNITE still has...

  1. Bodyweight-equated doses of ingredients
  2. Electrolytes (potassium and sodium citrate salts)
  3. The same 6 gram dose of citrulline
  4. The same 300 mg of caffeine per full serving

Here's what's new and improved in IGNITE.


Added Amealpeptide (Vasodrive-AP®)

Amealpeptide is a licensed tripeptide isolated from casein protein that is the newest and most exciting addition to the IGNITE formula.  It has been shown in human studies to be a potent vasodilator and works via a unique mechanism compared to many other "pump" ingredients.  By coupling two products (citrulline and Vasodrive-AP®) that are proven to promote blood flow via separate pathways, IGNITE provides an effect unique to anything else on the market.

Added Astragin

Astragin is a new ingredient for IGNITE which, similar to Bioperine (black pepper extract) increases absorption of specific nutrients.  It works via a unique mechanism with transporters in the small intestine and has been specifically shown to increase absorption of amino acids like Citrulline. This allows the formula to work better without a change in dosing - thus further improving the mixability of the product.

New/improved flavor profiles

We kept an eye on which flavors of EPOCH were most popular, and you told us loud and clear - Green Apple was your favourite. We added an all-time classic pre-workout flavor in the form of Watermelon, and we think you'll love it. Not only does IGNITE work better than anything else, it also tastes better.

Better pricing

With these changes combined, IGNITE costs $5 less per tub compared to the price of EPOCH.  We know prices matter to everyone, so we preserved everything that you guys loved, dropped what you didn't, added some new and exciting ingredients and also saved you some money in the process.  Win/win!

Free US shipping

In addition to reducing the cost, more compact packaging allowed us to improve shipping rates.  Ultimately, this allowed us to offer US customers free shipping, saving you even more money and eliminating the hassle of additional shipping costs at checkout.

Improved solubility and serving size

One of the great things about EPOCH was that it had large doses of almost every effective ingredient we could think of - unfortunately, this meant that a full scoop was almost as big as a scoop of most protein powders. Given the poor solubility of a lot of the ingredients, this led to some powder not mixing properly and some 'grittiness' at the bottom of your shaker cup.  In IGNITE, we've reduced the quantities of poorly soluble ingredients - this has improved the product mixability to the point that it now completely dissolves when mixed as per label guidelines. No more chewing on your citrulline!

Smaller and lighter unit size

It's tough to admit, but we tried to do too much in one product.  Not only did this create the mixability issues we talked about, but it didn't allow the product to truly shine in the way we know it can.  By cleaning up the formula, IGNITE now offers the same clear, crisp energy of EPOCH without the tingles.  You also won't have to worry about powder leaking out from under the lid of the container in rough transit.

Removed creatine

Creatine is cheap and it works, but it doesn't have the greatest water solubility and isn't acutely effective pre-workout.  For these reasons, we removed it knowing those that want it can easily add it themselves at their desired dosing and those that don't won't have to avoid IGNITE just because of the creatine content.

Removed Beta-Alanine

Beta-alanine is a polarizing ingredient.  Some people love it, some hate it.  We received quite a bit of feedback from those of you who don't love the 'pins and needles' sensation -  it's very difficult to dose beta-alanine properly in a single serving product without making the tingles uncomfortably intense. Like creatine, it's also effective on a chronic basis as opposed to something that's directly effective pre-workout. It also may only be effective if your sets last long enough; the research indicates that beta-alanine only "kicks in" after about 30-60 seconds of continuous exercise. For these reasons, IGNITE doesn't contain it - those of you that want it can add it yourselves since it can be purchased affordably in bulk.

Removed BCAA

 BCAA were the most expensive component of EPOCH and even the instantized versions don't have great solubility.  Removing them allowed us to make the IGNITE more cheaply, enabling you to buy it more cheaply, while also improving the mixability and palatability of the formula. New research also indicates that consuming complete proteins that are high in BCAA (such as whey) is likely to be better than consuming BCAA alone. All things considered, the ends just didn't justify the means for keeping them in.

Less Yohimbine

Yohimbine is a potent stimulant that provides unique effects when combined with caffeine.  However, some individuals are highly sensitive to it and end up over-stimulated after a full scoop.  Those of you that were let us know loud and clear!  In IGNITE, we adjusted the dosing to give you just the right amount for enhancing your gym performance, without it becoming overwhelming.

Reduced citrate salts

Citrate acts as a buffer, mopping up any excess acid to allow your muscles to work longer and harder.  This is great for exercise endurance - but since they have to pass through the stomach, they can also mop up some of your stomach acid.  For some, this caused some bloating and GI discomfort with the first few servings of EPOCH.  IGNITE has a reduced dose of citrate salts to eliminate the possibility for nausea or GI discomfort while keeping enough to aid with muscular endurance and provide adequate electrolytes.

Sexier packaging

I mean...


    De Novo 2.0 is coming.

    Our brand new product line is coming soon - we've kept all the stuff you love, and tweaked things enough to keep it interesting.

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